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It’s hard to believe that a new HVAC system can make a big difference in the value of a commercial property, but it’s true. If you have a commercial property that is showing signs of age or has a problem with its air conditioning, then it may be time to replace your current system with a new one. A new HVAC system can add value to a commercial property, even if it is a simple office building. In this post, we’re going to go over some of the reasons why a new HVAC system can be so beneficial for your commercial property.

 Common maintenance needs and upgrades

Regular maintenance visits and follow-up communications offer an ideal time to learn about the state of your systems and the need for upgrades. Plus, you may simply not know what upgrades are possible or how to benefit from them. Keep in mind the following ideas.

  • Improve filtration by replacing older filters or upgrading to high-efficiency particulate air filters, commonly called HEPA. This will remove airborne particles and enhance air quality.
  • Make energy-efficient upgrades, such as replacing a permanent split capacitor fan motor with an electronically commutated motor, which improves efficiency and saves energy—and money.
  • Fix the ductwork for leaks and other damage—which could include adding more insulation and seals, cutting down on waste.
  • Expand the system to cover new additions to a business space and improve air supply coverage.
  • Add a programmable thermostat to make it easier to control temperature and turn off the system when not in use.
  • Install dehumidification capabilities to remove moisture and improve the comfort of a workplace.

Aside from these upgrades and repairs, it’s also possible that your system needs to be replaced altogether. This can cost as much as five figures or more. To help justify this investment, you not only learn the better features of an HVAC upgrade but also the bottom-line benefits.

Improved health and wellness

COVID-19 has taught us much about airborne germs and their effects on health, making it a great reminder of how high-quality HVAC systems may help keep employees and customers from getting sick.

And coronavirus is only one of many pathogens in the air. Even after the pandemic, HVAC systems can continue to reduce the spread of other airborne illnesses like colds and the flu, creating lasting health benefits. This can also create a more attractive environment for those with breathing issues like asthma.

Financial savings

Money talks, the potential savings from HVAC maintenance and upgrades can help you understand. It starts with energy use. High-quality systems use less fuel and energy, which is a welcome relief from the high price of gas and electricity. Even just adding a programmable thermostat can help reduce costs during off hours versus a system that runs constantly.

A newer system is also less likely to break down, reducing the annual maintenance cost. Furthermore, major repairs on outdated systems can cost thousands of dollars and still never fully solve the issue. If you own your building, an HVAC upgrade could help you qualify for extra tax breaks while also increasing property value.

By improving air quality, you also may save money on healthcare costs, as employees may need less sick leave. This can potentially save you the money you could lose as a result of staffing issues.

Increased employee performance

People don’t typically enjoy working in an environment with poor air quality, inconsistent temperatures and a noisy, outdated HVAC system. These factors and more can keep employees distracted, stressed and uncomfortable to the point of considering a new job.

An HVAC system upgrade can help create an environment where employees are more comfortable in their workspace so they can concentrate on their work. Little improvements like these can help business owners keep their staff happy and improve employee retention, which is crucial at a time when there’s plenty of competition for talent.

The most important thing you need to do is to make sure that the air conditioning systems in your commercial property are maintained properly. And if needed a new air conditioning system which as you now see, can have a huge impact on the value of your commercial property. you want to ensure that the building runs smoothly, the temperature is comfortable, and the energy bills stay low, increasing the value of your property. This can also help to improve the quality of your products and services.