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Our list of a the Benefits of a New Air Conditioning Unit

Your old air conditioner is starting to give you problems. It’s needing more attention and more repairs than ever before. It’s hard to send an old friend away, but there are plenty of good reasons to replace your air conditioner before it dies in the middle of the night. Call your local air conditioner professional today if you think you’d enjoy any of these benefits of a new air conditioning unit:

Significant Energy Savings. If you’re considering replacing your current air conditioner, it’s probably fairly old already. In the last decade, amazing strides have been made in air conditioner efficiency, allowing for more advanced, increasingly efficient units that can cool your home better for less money. They do cost more upfront to install, but your monthly cooling bills will immediately reward you.

Improved Indoor Air Quality. Newer air conditioners function a bit differently than older units, allowing more humidity to be sucked out of the air as they run. When a new air conditioner is installed, your technician will also check and clean your ducts and install a new air handler, thus reducing dust in the system. The end result is improved air quality that you can maintain by simply changing your filters frequently.

Environmentally-Friendly Refrigerant. Back when R-22 refrigerant (also known as Freon) was king, no one really knew how harmful it was to the ozone layer. But over the years, we’ve come to understand that even small leaks over thousands of systems can have a dramatic impact on the environment, so R-401A was adopted industry-wide. This refrigerant is much safer for the environment and can be better compressed to create cooler air for less money.

A Chance to Resize Your Unit. Sometimes, air conditioners aren’t installed quite right — especially if a homeowner thinks he or she can save money by sizing down, or the homeowner thinks he or she can get more oomph out of a unit by going bigger. If your air conditioning bills seem unusually high, then your air conditioner struggles to keep up on hot days, running constantly. Therefore, you may have an improperly sized unit. When you install a new air conditioner, you can fix that by choosing the right size for your home.

Fewer Repair Bills. An air conditioner that’s on the brink of collapse gives lots of hints, mostly in the form of dollar signs. Units that require regular service calls to keep limping along are in desperate need of replacement. By finally pulling the trigger, you’ll gain peace of mind.

Those repair bills add up quickly. You may be shocked how much you’ll save with a new unit that doesn’t need frequent and costly professional attention.
Keeping Your Air Conditioner Newer Longer

After you get your new air conditioning unit installed, it’s important to remember that it will last much longer if you do a little regular maintenance. Checking your air filter monthly and changing it any time it looks dirty, washing your outside unit with a garden hose to dislodge debris, and clearing vegetation, blowing leaves and trash out of the fins will ensure your unit lives a long, fruitful life. Air conditioners don’t need a lot of care, but if you keep an eye out for anything that might impede airflow, you’ll keep your air conditioner functioning like new.

When you’re ready for that new air conditioner, call your favorite air conditioning professionals to give your current system a careful evaluation. By properly sizing your new unit and repairing or replacing anything else that needs attention at the same time, you’ll get the very best performance from your shiny new unit.