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Trusted AC repair company with over 20 years experience servicing Slidell. We specialize in installing New Air Conditioning Units!

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Air conditioning doesn’t just keep you cool — it also improves indoor air quality and helps protect the health and wellness of your employees or family year round. In Louisiana, where heat and humidity are facts of life, a malfunctioning AC system is no mere inconvenience.

With over 20 years in the business ZMI is here to handle all of your air conditioning repairs in Louisiana quickly and efficiently. You can trust that we’ll make your employees or family’s comfort our top priority.

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Keep your family cool and comfortable year round! Contact ZMI as soon as you have a heating or cooling problem.

Repair & Maintenance Services

For the best AC repair in Slidell, look no further than ZMI Heating & Air Conditioning. With multiple service plans aimed at providing top-rate residential and commercial maintenance, we keep your property comfortable and your costs low. And with our experience, we’re the top source for AC repair in Slidell.


Is your AC system making an odd rattling noise or funny smell? Or is it not running cool enough? If so, you shouldn’t waste your time trying to guess what it could be. At ZMI Heating & Air Conditioning, our AC repair technicians have the knowledge and experience to diagnose your AC issue quickly and correctly. When you contact us for air conditioning repair, we will check each and every system component, including compressors, cooling coils, ductwork and refrigerant levels. Once our inspection is complete, we will give you a detailed report of our findings before taking any action. Our promise is to fix the problem right the first time with minimal disruption to your family’s routine.

HVAC Repair Service

AC & Installation Repair Services

Having a problem with your AC System or need one installed? Call us!

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AC Refrigerant Check & Refill

The purpose of a maintenance tune-up is similar to an oil change in your vehicle. The goal is to keep your machinery running as efficiently as possible, as well as to prolong the life of the equipment.

HVAC Repair Service

AC Installation

We are a full-service air conditioning, heating & refrigeration contractor able to perform service checks, repair your existing equipment, or even install a new air conditioning unit.

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AC Repair

We have experienced air conditioning service personnel on duty around the clock, 365 days a year! We are there when you need us for your air conditioning service needs. Call today and get it fixed now!


ZMI’s AC repair team strives to help you save money throughout the year. If you do need a new unit, you can rest assured that ZMI will help you pick a system that’s both effective and energy efficient. As an EPA compliant company, we offer a full range of Energy Star products that can offer enhanced comfort while reducing your monthly electric bills.

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Happy AC Repair Service Customers

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ZMI is the best HVAC installer we have ever worked with before. If you want professional work done at a great price then these are the guys for you.

– John Wilson

hvac installation contractor

We need our AC repaired and we were in a pinch and ZMI came out and fixed us up really quick. They are the best HVAC company we have ever worked with. Highly recommend them!

– Sarah Morgan

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Our business had an issue with its HVAC unit and ZMI was able to come install a new unit that simply outperforms our old one. We also have noticed a savings on our energy bill. Don’t hesitate to call ZMI.

– Ray Johnson

Frequently Asked AC Repair Questions

Why should I replace my existing air conditioning system?

You may wish to consider replacing your air conditioning or heating system if it is old, inefficient or in need of repair. Today’s systems are as much as 60% more efficient than those systems manufactured as little as ten years ago. In addition, if not properly maintained, wear and tear on a system can reduce its efficiency. If you are concerned about utility bills or are faced with an expensive repair, you may want to consider replacing your system rather than enduring another costly season or paying to replace an expensive component. The utility cost savings of a new unit may provide an attractive return on your investment. If you plan on financing the purchase, the monthly savings on your utility bill should be considered when determining the actual monthly cost of replacing a system. The offsetting savings may permit you to purchase a more efficient system.

How do I select the right AC system?

First, make sure the unit is properly sized. We will provide a load calculation for your home and an energy analysis to determine operating cost. Next, consider any comfort issues in the home. Some products can reduce air stratification and uneven temperatures from room to room. If you have allergies, an indoor unit with an ECM motor will allow you to circulate the air in your home continuously while filtering the air for about the same cost as operating a standard light bulb. Finally, know your budget parameters and the efficiency of the system being proposed. Does the system offer a payback? In other words, will the monthly savings over time offset the cost of the new unit or efficiency option being considered?

What is involved in replacing an old A/C?

Aside from the placement of the new equipment, we will inspect several items and make a determination of whether or not these items need to be supplied or replaced. Some of the items include: duct work, insulation, refrigerant piping, electrical service, wiring, thermostat, condensate piping, slabs, filter, driers, registers, grills, drain pans and evaporator coil.

What is involved in installing a new A/C system?

If a system is being added to the home for the first time, most of the items noted in the previous question and answer may be required to install the new system. Besides the equipment, the most significant component is duct work. The duct work can be either metal or fiberglass duct work. The duct work needs to be properly sized to deliver the right amount of air to each room. The duct work consists of supply and return duct work. The supply duct is attached to the outlet of the air handler and delivers air to individual zones in your home. We will help you determine the size of the duct work going into a space by the amount of air that needs to be delivered to the space.

How long can I expect my new air conditioning system to last?

If you have a qualified technician perform regular preventative maintenance and service suggested for your unit, industry averages suggest that an air conditioner should last 15 years.

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